Body fuel.

The effects and benefits of nutrition.

The right amount and type of food and nutrition has an enormous beneficial impact on the brain and body. Benefits for body functions include keeping weight gain at bay, improving mood and lessening mood swings, improving energy levels, making you feel less tired and exhausted. It also prevents diseases and improves concentration.

Fiber-rich carbohydrates in vegetables with starch forms a good environment for fermentation and growth of good bacteria in your gut. They also improve your brain function and mood.

B and D vitamin-rich foods supply the brain cells with vitamin workers in the form of both B6-9-12 and vitamin D. This is because the trio of B-vitamins manufacture advanced neurotransmitters that elevate your mood, keep your concentration up and store memories. Walnuts are especially good for the brain, with its content of omega-3.

Remember to drink plenty of water because both your metabolism and brain function is already impaired when you feel thirsty.